"5 Most Common Yoga Injuries (And How You Can Avoid Them)" is a practical guide for yoga teachers & practitioners of all levels based on viral series of articles by Dr. Yogi Gare

🧠 Information about 5 main areas of injuries: Knees, Lower Back, Hips, Shoulders & Wrists, Necks

💡120 pages of practical and condensed knowledge

👩‍🎨 Original illustrations by Canadian artist Ksenia Sapunkova

🏋️‍♂️ 20+ functional movement exercises to prevent injuries

What Our Readers Are Saying:

I love it! Your book is a staple of my upcoming yoga teacher training I'm leading! Thank you so much!

- Stephanie Helmers, @zenandpow.steph

This has been one of the realest yoga books (e-book in this case) I've read recently. Every yoga teacher and yoga practitioner should have this on their i-Book. Simple language and lovely illustrations.

- @fit.um

I invested and purchased this e-book. It presents many ways to target and engage different areas of the body. Simple statements such as "always support the knees when kneeling, even if there is no pain", are now a part of each class I teach! Spend the money and evolve your teachings. Shut Up & Yoga, you rock.

- Kelly Lightfoot, @hannahsroomyoga

This book is such a good read and great coffee companion for everyone teaching and practicing Yoga - thanks for this beautiful book; it's a gorgeous and important project by Shut Up & Yoga and Dr.Yogi Gare.

- Julia Freiberg, @yogijuliastudio

It's fabulous! Super clear and practical; I have already applied some of what I learned in my classes! Thank you!

- Leslie Granston Walker, @lesliegranston

I would have paid so much more for this amazing book, but thank you for keeping it reasonably priced for more access to all.

- Valarie Anderson, @valariefanderson

I keep re-reading this book by Dr.Yogi Gare - one of my most valuable reads!

- Arleen, @yogibes

Your book is amazing and much needed in the modern yoga world.

- Isabelle, @fun.lovin.yogis

It's such a great, easy read. For us, anatomy geeks and instructors craving more knowledge, this e-book by Dr.Yogi Gare is genius.

- Kim Homer, @pixiethugyoga

This is the quintessential yoga manual that should be in all yoga teacher trainings and new students' toolboxes. Yoga-related injuries are a thing. And, they're on the rise. This e-book by Dr. Garrett Neill is taking that bold step forward to reveal it all.

- Julie Tran, @rogue.yogi

Who Are We?


Creative Director

Anastasia is the founder and creative director of Shut Up & Yoga, an independent online magazine on yoga and health. Having injured herself multiple times in yoga, she set out on a mission to make education on yoga safety accessible and entertaining.



Garrett is a Chiropractor with a love and passion for human anatomy and movement. Dr. Garrett came to yoga from a shoulder injury from competitive swimming and has been a Yogi of over 12 years. He is a firm believer that movement is one of the best forms of medicine.



Ksenia is a Canadian artist and entrepreneur, born in Eastern Europe. Her art practice straddles the fine art and commercial art worlds and includes painting, fashion design, videography, and illustration.

Author's Note

Modern Yoga Asana is changing around the world. Yogis are starting to look critically at cues and poses and ask questions about alignment and function. This inquiry and scientific reason are giving us a lens to view yoga & see how the movement and mindfulness affects and transforms our physical body & mind.

Yoga Injuries is one of my favorite things to discuss and research. It’s necessary to talk about it, especially with how much Asana, the physical practice of Yoga, has grown in popularity.

📚 Here are some topics I discuss in the book:

• Importance of Preparation. A lot of yoga injuries stem from our lives off our mat.

• Mobility vs. Stability. Understanding how each region of the body moves is essential for a yoga teacher. Once you know how it’s designed to move, you can implement that much more effectively!

• Active vs. Passive ROM. Passive stretching can often put us in a realm past where our body can control. A lot of the exercises and techniques described in this book are geared towards active range of motion.

• All movement is good movement! There’s good movement & there’s better movement, both of which are much better than not moving.

• Most Common Yoga Injury (to any joint): Repetitive Stress. Doing the same thing all the time is ultimately how most people get injured with yoga.

The intention behind this ebook is to give you a toolbox for your practice and your teaching.

Practice Safe & Smart my Friends,

-Dr. Yogi Gare