Our Partners

Yoga Trade

Yoga Trade connects the yoga and wellness community to jobs and inspiring travel trade opportunities around the globe. Jobs + Community + Continuing Education.


Talent Hack

Talent Hack creates business tools for the next generation of wellness trailblazers. SPACES by Talent Hack is your one stop shop to run your fitness business.


Uki Matcha

Uki Matcha invites you to make every day feel like a ceremony with organic ceremonial grade matcha sourced in Japan. Bring a bit of luxury into your everyday life.



Wilder's mission is to simplify plant care & make plant parenthood accessible to busy city dwellers


Womxn of Color

A healing gathering for black, indigenous, & womxn of color pursuing their creative passions in life.


Heart + Bones

Experience a progressive approach to yoga that focuses on kind movements, supportive sequences, and playful ways of moving.


Sudara Clothes

Sudara is a chic line of loungewear including pajamas, tees, and robes that create jobs for women in India


Namaste As Fuck

Namaste As Fuck is a lifestyle brand committed to unapologetically making space for ALL of who you are.


Rasa Koffee

Rasa coffee alternative is a delicious, healthy coffee substitute made from adaptogenic herbs


This Grateful Now

The ‘This Grateful Now’ Journal is thoughtfully designed to give you a daily opportunity to create moments of inner peace and appreciation


Zen Nomad Clothes

Online shop of sustainable, quality clothing made in Canada. Modern, minimal & soulful



Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that lets you control videos games with your pelvic floor. 1000+ doctors recommend Perifit to combat incontinence, prolapse, and other pelvic floor disorders.


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