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Why Partner with SU&Y?


Partnering with us gives you an opportunity to build and develop relationships with our passionate and engaged community of modern yogis.

Quality Branding

We ponder every editorial and design decision; our art is created by some of the best illustrators out there, and our writers are some of the most independent thinkers and innovators in the current yoga scene.


We want us all to thrive and are genuinely interested in your success. Our team will support your needs so you can reach your goals and ambitions.

Who Can Become SU&Y Partner?

You offer...

- physical products/experiences, e.g. a yoga studio, events, festivals, retreats, workshops, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, props, stationary

- digital products/experiences, e.g. courses, online memberships, podcasts, anything in digital form

You believe in...

- community

- independence

- collaboration

- quality content

- ethical consumption

- social responsibility

- creativity

- slow living

How Does It Work?

We care about collaboration, building meaningful relationships, and integrity, something the traditional advertising model does not allow. That’s why we decided to discard it completely to create membership-based partnerships. By introducing your brand to the SU&Y community, we work together towards a common goal: making ideas and consumption matter.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Have a close look at the “What You Get” section to see the set of perks that go with your financial commitment.

Step 2: Pick your preferred Partnership tier.

Step 3: Click "Join" button below your preferred tier in the “What You Get” section.

Step 4: Enter your contact and payment details.

Step 5: Wait for an email from our partnership team.

Community Partner Membership Plans



• Be featured on our Partners page



• Be featured on our Partners page

• Be featured in our newsletter once a month



• Be featured on our Partners page

• Be featured in our newsletter once a month

• Be featured in our Instagram stories once a month


How can we partner with you?

Go to the “How does it work” section and just follow the steps!

What is the difference between Community Partner and Sponsor?

It refers to the level of financial commitment your brand is willing to make and the perks that we offer for it. Please refer back to our tiers for a detailed breakdown of the perks included in the tier level you pick.

How long will it take to have my offerings introduced to the SU&Y community?

After you commit to one of our partner memberships and make a payment via Paypal, the approval process takes 2-3 business days during which our team will reach out to you to discuss the details of our partnership.

Can anyone become SU&Y sponsor?

No. We only collaborate with brands that are in line with our magazine mission. Only a limited number of brands can become our sponsors.

What about design material?

We work with your existing design assets to maintain the consistency of your brand’s message while making it fit perfectly with ours. Our editorial and design team will work to help refine your message.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes and no. We only offer refunds in case we reject your proposal.

How can I cancel my membership?

Simply get in touch with us at 15 days prior to the start of your next billing cycle to let us know.

Looking to go big? Get in touch with our team to create a custom partnership at