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Our Generous Supporters

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Anne Jablonski | yoga teacher and writer
Jaimee Hoefert | editor and Africa Yoga Project Ambassador
Trina Altman | Creator of Yoga & Pilates Deconstructed®
Olga Gutsol | yogi
Robert Misovic | Pendance Film Festival founder
Fiona Erlandsen | yogi
Iveta Jirickova | actress and yogi
Bettina Ladner | yoga teacher
Marie Carter | writer and yogi
Alison Potts | meditation coach
Louise Mcdougall | yoga teacher
Shiloh Drake | yogi
Scott Schirmer | yogi
Leisa Dawn | yogi
Joanne Turner | yogi
Diane Duncan | yogi
Charlene Hammersen | yogi
Fabienne Egger | yogi

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