Dr. Garrett Neill Teaches

Sustainable Yoga

An essential course for modern yoga teachers & practitioners

Our self-pased course has 30+ video lessons, glossary & text materials that will teach you everything you need to know about the practice of Sustainable Yoga.

What you will learn:

The principles of sustainable asana and how to incorporate them into your practice and teaching

Easily digestible concepts in biomechanics and anatomy that will further your understanding of the human anatomy & movement

Basics of pain and rehabilitation science and how they apply to yoga asana, body, and movement

Course details:

Price: $299

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What's included


30+ video lessons with Dr. Garrett Neill


Visual deck to help you follow along the lessons

Text Lessons

Bonus lessons to expand your knowledge further


Glossary to help you learn new definitions & concepts


Exercise suggestions and practice prompts


Certificate of completion from SU&Y Academy

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Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Garrett Neill is a Chiropractor with a love and passion for human anatomy and movement. He came to yoga from a shoulder injury from competitive swimming and has been a yogi for 14 years. Dr. Garrett is a firm believer that movement is one of the best forms of medicine.

Course Curriculum



The Basics of Sustainable Yoga

• What is Sustainable Yoga?

• How do injuries occur in yoga?

• Injuries & stress

• The importance of the right warmup

6 videos

2 readings



Stability: definition & strategies

• The joint by joint approach

• Morphology of the spine

• Strength vs. stability

• Dissociation & anti-rotation

• Teacher’s corner: cueing stability

10 videos

4 readings



Mobility vs. Flexibility + ROM

• Flexibility vs. mobility

• Common misconceptions: is flexibility useless?

• The art of stretching

• Practice: mobilizing vs. stretching

• Range of motion & injuries

• Teacher’s corner: cues encouraging “depth”

10 videos

4 readings



Imbalance & creating resiliency

• Yoga asana isn’t perfect

• Injury prevention

• “Closing angle pinch” pain

• Creating & adding load to yoga asana

• SAID principle

6 videos

2 readings



Where to now? Sustainable Yoga in real life

• Practicing sustainable asana

• Teaching safe & sustainable classes

• Teaching yoga online safely

3 videos

Let's do this!

Learn the art & science of Sustainable Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the materials for the course?

Once you buy the course, you’ll be able to access all the materials with a username and login through our website. There are 30+ video lessons, glossary, and text lessons to make it easy for you to follow along.

Can I skip ahead in lessons?

You can follow along module by module or skip ahead if you like.

Will the course materials be available forever?

All course materials will be available to you forever.

Can I use the course material in my teachings?

Please email at hello@shutupandyoga.com to tell us about the nature of your training or workshop to discuss your options.

Still have questions?

Email us at hello@shutupandyoga.com