The Modern Yogi's Guide to Self-Exploration:

A Creative Journey Through The 7 Chakra System

a new book by Ely Bakouche

For yoga practitioners and teachers tired of self-help prophecies and magic 3-step formulas to clean the chakras

"I'll start with a confession. I am not a huge fan of the "self-help" genre - you know, the books that tell you how to live, suggest all these ways you can improve on the current "version" of yourself. This book is nothing like these. I loved following the prompts and have used - and will continue to use - this book as an ally to my meditation practices."

Alison Potts

- Innate Being

What You'll Find Inside:

An introduction to the myths in our modern understanding of the chakra system and alternative ways of thinking

7 chapters based on the ancient wisdom of the chakras to anchor your reflections and healing in various topics like emotional awareness, confidence, or belonging

Everyday challenges & exercises to widen your understanding of your yoga practice and integrate seamlessly into your daily life

Illustrations by artist Katya Uspenkaya

Meet the Author

Ely is the co-founder and editorial director at Shut Up & Yoga magazine. She’s also a writer, yoga teacher, world traveler, life student, and absolute language nerd. She believes that, in a productivity-centered world, rest, questioning, and play are forms of resistance and ones she has made her mission to share with her communities. She currently lives in Shanghai, China.

Author's Note

From a very early age, I’ve felt like the world was spinning too fast. I was always playing catchup and going against my inner, natural pace.

Yoga for me became a way to connect with my intuitive rhythm. It has taught me again and again about what it means to simply be, with myself and with the world around me. After a while, I started wondering if I could stay as present in everyday challenges and happenings as I was when I was moving and breathing in my asana practice.

I’d started on a yoga mat but my practice never felt quite powerful enough to infiltrate all areas of my life. Why was it so difficult to say no to things I didn’t want to do when I’d been learning about that in my physical practice? Why would I not let myself “flow” in my creative projects as much as my breath during meditation?

This book is part of my journey of discovering how yoga can truly be a practice of every day, every hour, every minute. It is a collection of my attempts at putting together building blocks of awareness, so I always find pockets of connection whether I’m sitting on a loud train, cooking a meal, or deep into my email inbox.

I hope you find comfort and ways to cultivate confidence through these pages. May the reflections and practice build the freedom and intuition you need to let the wonderful practice of yoga take the shape it needs to serve you and your communities.

With love and curiosity,

Table of Contents


Why write about the chakras?

What is the chakra system and how is it relevant to rely on its ancient wisdom in our modern lives? We present another way of looking at the system so we can start to integrate it into our daily activities-way beyond the mat.


Root Chakra: Find stability, safety, and a sense of home

A closer look at the building blocks of our physical and mental homes. What makes us feel anchored in the world? What makes us feel supported? Through journaling prompts and grounding practices, you'll be invited to create your own definition of 'home.'


Sacral Chakra: Learning to make space for emotions

A look at how emotions shape our experiences and vice versa, and practices to embrace what comes up, no matter where we are, what we need, and what season of life we are at.


Solar Plexus: Rethinking confidence, leadership, and power

Hindu and Buddhist practices encourage us to let go of the ego. But where does that take us? We look at creating a sense of identify and self that will help us navigate the world and create one we want to live in.


Heart Chakra: Acknowledging negative self-talk

We look at relationships with ourselves and the people around us and attempt to find a new, personal definition of love and care.


Throat Chakra: Finding belonging through self-expression

Why do we fit in specific environments and not others? What is our responsibility and what is not ours to carry? In this chapter, we re-think self-expression and its power.


Third Eye Chakra: Questioning the world to see it clearer

If reaching enlightenment is our goal, there are many steps we take while on this earth, one of which being looking for the truth. Where is it, how do we look for it, and how do we know we've got it?


Crown Chakra: Exploring with the 9 spiritual temperaments

Is there a god? What is it? What does it do? Does everyone need to be spiritual? In this final chapter, we embrace the diverse ways we, humans, experience spirituality and go in the search of our own, unique spiritual needs.


Extending our learning out to others

How can we continue to share the practice of yoga and the wisdom we find within all of us? This short and final chapter provides ways we can take our learning into our communities - whether in person or online.


Is this book for me?

If you’re looking for heart-centered and practical tools to grow and reconnect with your intuition, natural rhythms, and needs, then yes. 🙂

Can I get a paperback version of the book?

Yes, it will be available some time in 2021. Leave us your email so we can let you know!

What's the format of the e-book?

The e-book is published in a reflowable EPUB format (the format used by Kindle and Apple Books). EPUB is supported by many e-readers, and a compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers*. EPUBs are more accessible for impaired readers than PDFs**.

* If you use Windows, try Calibre, Sumatra PDF, or EPUBReader. Mac computers use the default iBooks app to open EPUBs.

**If you prefer PDF format, simply email us at with your purchase receipt, and we’ll send you a PDF version as a bonus!

What our Readers are Saying:

"This book is pure gold. It has been my morning companion and what a gift it has been to read it. In a light and comprehensive way, the author takes us on a journey through the chakra system as a tool for self-exploration and creativity. The thinking prompts, ideas and exploratory suggestions make it more than a book to learn from, they are practical nuggets of wisdom! I loved this book and I am sure I will go back to it over and over again. Thanks for this amazing work!"

- María Ortega García, embodied Spanish coach

"This gem stands out as an essential and functional read for students of yoga, wellness guides, and anyone interested in exploring the depths of their inner landscape. It is down to earth, intelligent, practical, pleasant to read, and written from the heart. The guided practices are truly a gift. It is well designed and a timeless resource! It is approachable for all levels as reiki masters as well as chakra skeptics will all enjoy learning and finding unique nuggets of wisdom and beauty in this book."

- Erica Hartnick, Yoga Trade

"An excellent exploration and analysis creating a new paradigm through inclusion, not exclusion; ultimately bridging the gap between East and West!"

- Urvil James Villaruel, GottaLightMyFire

"This book is a mix of personal experience, deep research and thoughtful prompts to explore the chakra system. I love that it isn't too prescriptive, but allows room for true self-exploration. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in diving a little deeper, and making sense of the system for themselves."

- Eva Schafroth, personal development coach

"Do you know that feeling when a book is not only a book? That was my feeling as I was reading Ely’s book! It’s not the typical book about the chakras, where you learn colours, meanings, associations, etc. Although you will learn a lot about them and all the amazing and delicate investigation that Ely has put into it, this book is mainly a journey of self exploration. It’s not a book to read and integrate with your mind, it’s a book to be lived. It’s full of information to guide you in an exploration and discovery of yourself, always with fun and play. This book invites you to ask yourself many questions and to try things, play and see how it feels. It’s a beautiful journey to discover and connect with yourself in so many ways you cannot imagine."

- Ana Iparraguirre, Yoga Imperfecto

"Ely has a way of capturing what rests in our hearts and minds in such an honest, beautiful way. By sharing examples of her life's journey, she inspires us to deepen our own self-exploration. Her journaling prompts and exercises gently nudge us to expand and grow into our fullest, most authentic selves. This book is a fantastic tool to help understand our true nature - it is nourishment for the soul!"

- Jordan Reed

Freelance writer and tarot reader

"This book is an accessible introduction to your personal psychology that uses body's energy centers as the map. I especially loved the Thinking Prompts. There are some incredible questions in there!

Each individual chakra functions as a sign post, letting the reader know you have arrived in “Sacral Chakra Land” (for example) with careful consideration given to what features you can expect to encounter here, as well as travelers tips to successfully navigate the terrain. Each chakra maps a specific facet of human experience and the author gives the reader a set of tools for exploring, understanding and healing each life sphere. Unlike many “new age” writings on the chakra system, this work avoids generalised prescriptions to balance each chakra, and instead prompts the reader and curious somanaut to look inward and discover for themselves the specific practices, behaviours and adjustments that would allow each chakra to function with more ease. Overall The Modern Yogi’s Guide to Self Exploration provides a practical, usable framework for understanding yourself, your life, and your place in the world from a holistic perspective, based on a contemporary blend of self enquiry and traditional yogic teachings."

- Cora Geroux, Teaching Yoga Podcast