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8 Teachers for Virtual Breathwork Journeys

Breathwork is the practice that has changed my life more than any other. It’s helped me get through Covid feeling more grounded than I was in 2019. When I first came to this practice, my nervous system was shot. Breathwork has reminded me how to invite greater ease into all areas of my life. The science shows that the oxygenating effects of breathwork serve to put the body in a more alkaline, anti-inflammatory state, which is linked to supporting a stronger immune system and lowering anxiety. Active breathwork comes from many traditions and includes many styles such as Holotropic, Rebirthing, Conscious Connected, and more. What all of these share is the practice of an active breathing technique that is done continuously, usually for between 20 minutes to one hour at a time, with an open mouth and relaxed jaw. Some teachers instruct a two-part breath: In through the belly, then the chest, and out through the mouth.

Before Covid, I had only tried in-person active breathwork sessions. However, thanks to trying and loving virtual ceremonies, breathwork is now a part of my weekly at-home meditation practice. Doing breathwork virtually empowered me to begin doing this practice on my own.

Active breathwork connects us deeply with our emotions. So, if you’ve experienced capital T trauma in your life, it’s not recommended that you try active breathwork without the support of a trained facilitator when you’re first starting out, as it can be overwhelmingly triggering.

Let’s dive in. Here are eight virtual breathwork journey options I’ve personally explored, to give you a sense of the range of options available, from different parts of the world.

1. Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne, breathwork facilitator

Squamish-based Carmen Ganne is an internationally trained breathwork facilitator specializing in Conscious Connected breathwork. She brings over 15 years of experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. With a background in social work and as a yoga teacher, she works from a trauma-sensitive approach. Doing a session with Carmen is like being facilitated by an Angel and I credit her with my passion for breathwork. She gives incredibly detailed cues that have facilitated very powerful journeys for me personally. She’s recently launched a virtual breathwork intensive to support other wellness leaders and visionaries who are ready to lead others in the most empowered way possible.

2. Elif Clarke

Elif Clarke, breath trainer and facilitator

UK-based Elif Clarke is a senior Transformational Breath trainer and facilitator.  Transformational breathwork focuses on self-empowerment, and is designed to help promote physical vitality, emotional freedom, and connect people with their innate resilience. What makes this style of breath unique is the intention to energise the body, clear toxins, and boost the immune system. Transformational Breath reduces the stress hormones that the body accumulates so each session is an opportunity for deeper clarity and relaxation. You can find Elif’s workshops, events, and teacher training opportunities on her site.

3. Tai Hubbert | Sword & Lotus

Tai Hubbert, integrative practitioner

With a background in meditation, yoga, earth medicine, and shamanism, Seattle-based Tai brings a wide toolkit to her virtual breath sessions. She is a holistic, integrative practitioner who’s designed her breathwork sessions to help people untangle toxic patterns and move towards greater awareness, freedom, peace, and fulfillment. You can choose to sign up for individual sessions or small group intensives, which give you an opportunity to journey weekly in a group over four weeks. Explore her upcoming events and programs here.

4. Ariana Fotinakis

Ariana Fotinakis, intuitive coach, breathwork facilitator, earth medicine practitioner

As an Anishinaabekwe Intuitive Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and Earth Medicine Practitioner, Ariana takes a holistic approach when supporting her clients. She believes that every single person on this planet has something special the world needs and that when we’re well-supported, we become better-equipped to share those gifts. Her personal experience with substance abuse and the continual unpacking that occurs during the journey back to the Self allows her to compassionately guide virtual breathwork sessions that have taken me deeply into my own intuitive knowing, emerging more grounded and aware. Explore her upcoming virtual gatherings here.

5. Alex Tsuk | Breathing Cold

Alex Tsuk, active breathwork in an ice bath

Breathing Cold Bali is the most unique technique on this list, as it involves active breathwork in an ice bath. This technique helps people cultivate and strengthen emotional resilience, deepen their connection with self and others, and gain more mental focus. It also focuses on teaching people to master their emotions, mindset, and brain, with the idea that daily cold exposure gives people a shortcut to their soul. Alex offers regular live breathwork journeys in Bali and virtual teacher training. Explore his upcoming events.

6. Annalise Sullivan | Spirited Roots

Annalise Sullivan, somatic healing experience

A very popular Pacific Northwest teacher, Annalise’s intention is to (in her words!) “bring the emotional revolution out of your unconscious mind and make it a living, breathing part of your evolution.” She brings a somatic healing experience and always makes room for difficult and challenging emotions, so for anyone who’s wading through personal pain, she holds a powerful space for healing. Explore her upcoming virtual Breathwork Healing circles and other meditation events here.

7. Jeremy Roske

Jeremy Roske, Clarity breathwork facilitator

Australian-based Jeremy Rosek is an actor, singer/songwriter, sound healer, Clarity Breathwork Facilitator, and SomaSource® Practitioner. He offers personal, therapy-based guided sessions and live breath journeys around the world. He offers two main virtual experiences, one that focuses on Breathwork and Sound Healing, and one that’s focused on Breathwork and Vocal Activation, to help people connect with their truest form of expression. Explore Jeremy’s upcoming breathwork offerings here.

8. Ana Lilia

Ana Lilia, breathwork coach and intuitive healer

LA-based Ana Lilia is a celebrated breathwork coach and intuitive healer, whose practice focuses on breath as a pathway for transformation. She’s been featured in the LA Times and Harper’s Bazaar for her work helping people use breathwork as a treatment for high-functioning anxiety. During Covid, Ana has been offering a free virtual Breathwork Community Gathering every Saturday morning which I truly love and recommend.

I hope this list inspires you to explore breathwork for yourself!

It’s been a life-changer for me, helping me clear out stagnant energy, and even shift old, limiting belief systems. If you’re wanting to make space for your own wellness, breathwork is a beautiful way to do that.

Edited by Ely Bakouche

Illustration by Carmen Garcia Gordillo

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