Carly Stong


Carly Stong

Carly Stong is an experienced yoga instructor as well as the Educational Director and Lead Instructor at Yoga Teacher Training Kingston. Having completed her post-secondary degree in kinesiology and health studies as well as Education, Carly offers a contemporary movement education informed by science as well as experience that is built on the pillars of accessibility, empowerment, and body positivity and rooted in social activism. As a a passionate advocate for body positivity, Carly sits as a member of the Leadership Team with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Her approach to accessibility is modern and informed by a fully embodied and integrated experience. While teaching classes for her online studio or facilitating teacher trainings, her anti-oppressive and trauma-sensitive approach reframes accessibility as the default and not the exception. When she isn’t at home in Kingston, Ontario with her husband and young family, Carly fosters community and connection all over the world through her blog, workshops, classes, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings.

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