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September Tarotscopes: Creative Transition

As we transition seasons—Autumn in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern hemisphere—we will be doing the same with our monthly Tarotscopes. We will be transitioning this monthly medicine into our newsletters moving forward, aligning with what feels right and honoring its natural progression so that new beginnings can evolve. Be on the lookout for them in your inbox! 

The card for the month of September is The Empress. The Empress symbolizes birth, creation, and nurturing something close to our hearts. What are you birthing into this world at the moment? How can you give it more time and attention? 

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?


Virgo: Knight of Cups

Fill your cup with what you need right now. That might very well be love and tenderness, solo work, or contemplation time. In other words: Balance. Think about how you can harness that ebb and flow of energy in your life right now. 


Libra: The Star

Seasonal transitions are an auspicious time to go deep within oneself and get quiet. The Star encourages you to tap into that well of knowledge—your intuition—and embrace it. Make some time for more reflective activities like meditation, journaling, and walks in the moonlight.  


Scorpio: Knight of Swords

You may feel rushed to complete something these next few weeks. Your determination is extreme. While it’s good to have perseverance, be wary of going too hard, too fast. Ease up on the gas, Scorpios. When you rush past life, you may miss the beautiful minutia it provides. 


Sagittarius: Seven of Wands

There are those who doubt you and question your decisions in life. Don’t let them. Trust your intuition. Not everyone will understand your path, and that’s okay. Acknowledge their confusion, but don’t let it muddy your knowledge of what you bring into this world.


Capricorn: Page of Swords

In this season of life, you are the student, learning and soaking in all the knowledge that your life’s teachers provide you. One day, you will be the one to teach others, but for now, embrace being the pupil. 




The Hierophant and the High Priestess, reversed

You have let your intuition go silent for too long and are relying too heavily on what others can teach and offer you. Now is the time to return to your own inner knowing, by exploring the depths of your soul. Only you can know what is best for you. Dig deep and find those answers yourself. Be your own guide.


Pisces: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a symbol that love is available to you if you are willing to accept it. Keep your eyes and your heart open to unexpected love. It could take the form of a new friendship, a new discovery, or simply a renewed love for yourself.



Aries: Six of Wands

You are rocking and rolling this month, Aries. You have committed yourself to your craft and are feeling encouraged by others. There is confidence within you, and you want to share all that you’ve learned with the world. Ride this wave of activity and share your creations!


Taurus: Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes a certain ease in life that has come through hard work and dedication. You have come to a point when you feel secure in your success. Can you share these learnings with others who might be at the start of their journey and open to your guidance? 


Gemini: Judgment

Internal judgment can often be as detrimental to our growth (if not more so) as external judgment by others. Have you been judgmental of yourself lately? Perhaps it’s time to switch to a kinder tone when speaking to yourself. We’re all learning in this life all the time, so why not nurture that growth within you instead of condemning it harshly?


Cancer: The Tower

The Tower suggests that a big change is coming. But hey, we’re in a transition time of year after all! In all seriousness, without big change, new beginnings would never emerge. While we cannot control everything in our lives, we do have some power over our emotions and how we react in challenging situations. Keep that in mind during this intense time.



Ace of Pentacles and Two of Cups, reversed

A new opportunity may arise that warrants more communication with those whom you share your life with—a partner, a close friend, a spouse. You may have differing opinions on the matter. Try to meet the other person where they’re at and view the opportunity from their perspective. By working together, this could be an event that benefits both of you. 


What are tarotscopes?

“Tarotscopes” are a lot like horoscopes, except they blend tarot readings into the mix, offering a deeper layer of introspection and reflection. When I get ready to do a tarotscopes reading, I always start with a short meditation. I like to “drop in” and open myself up to the guidance and wisdom that the tarot cards have to offer. I then contemplate each individual sign, shuffling as I do, and ask what lessons or messages are emerging for that particular month. I draw a card for each sun sign, study the card’s imagery, and free-write my interpretation onto a blank page (letting my intuition guide me along the way). I repeat the process for all 12 signs, and there you have it!

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

Featured illustration by Ksenia Sapunkova |

Empress card illustration by Katya Uspenskaya

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