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April Tarotscopes: Restoring Balance In The Midst of a World Crisis

Take a deep breath. We’ve been living through some wild and crazy times these last few months.

So, let’s not dilly dally and get right down to this month’s medicine, shall we?

The card for the month of April is temperance. Temperance is aallllll about balance. There’s so much uncertainty going on right now, but we tend to forget that we still have so much that’s within our control in the way we process and handle information that’s out there.

For many of us, the past few weeks have been completely out of whack. This month, we’re being asked to restore some of the balance that has likely been missing for quite some time. We’ll be challenged with balancing our needs and the needs of others; the information that we consume and the information that we share with the world; what we give and what we receive.

How can we be balanced enough to ride those waves safely and intentionally? | Photo by Jeremy Bishop, Unsplash

How can you get comfortable with that balance of known with the unknown, the good with the bad, the joy with the despair? We’ve been riding some serious emotional waves lately. I know I have. So, how can we be balanced enough to ride those waves safely and intentionally?

Let’s see what the tarot has in store for each of us this month. Read on to discover the tarot card for your sun, moon, and rising signs!

Aries: King of Wands

This month, my Aries pals, you’ll be bursting at the seams with creativity. I mean, reveling in it. You’ll hit the ground running with big projects and even bigger plans. All of this social isolation has ignited your creativity and resourcefulness. Despite being forced to stay inside, you’re taking this time to dig deep and use your time in unique ways. You might be feeling super antsy to get certain projects started, and that’s great! Just keep in mind that you’ve got plenty of time, so don’t blow your wad all in the first couple of weeks. Allow this flame to really burn bright and burn long. 

Taurus: Nine of Wands

Dear Taurus folks, have you been resisting asking for help lately? This month you might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. That’s alright, sweetie. You’ve been doing great, but take the Nine of Wands as a cue to rest. Don’t push yourself so hard. Take a breather and tune into what your body is telling you. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to things, it’s okay to slow down, even during a stormy time like this. As an Earth sign, you’ll feel more grounded if you tune into your body and listen to what it’s telling you.

Gemini: The Moon

Time to brush up on your intuition and your inner knowing, dearies. The Moon asks us to dive into the depths of ourselves. Imagine you’re stepping into a deep, dark, wooded forest. That’s where you’re headed, Gemini! But the dark isn’t something to fear. It’s something to embrace. Here’s the thing, this deep inner work is worth it once you come out the other side. Now – while we’re all being forced to stay put – is the perfect time to tackle this deep introspection. We’re inside already, why not go in a bit deeper?

Cancer: The Sun

If you’ve been feeling extra moody lately, you’re certainly not alone. But this month, you’ll be seeing more joy in things than normal. It’s as if someone took off that dark cloak you’ve been wearing and now you’re basking in the sun. Be careful with your energy this month – while you may be feeling better about things – despite all the uncertainty around you – others may not. Protect your energy and see where you can send some of that light to those who might need it this month. You’ve got some to spare.

Leo: Knight of Cups

In true Leo fashion, you’re craving attention and connection this month. Self-isolation is a hard pill to swallow for you, so use technology and social media and all the resources you have at your disposal. Set up a Google Hangout happy hour with your friends. Instead of calling your mom, FaceTime with her. There are loads of fun new apps and ways to communicate with loved ones right now – use them to feel connected and get that attention you so deserve!


Virgo: Seven of Wands

Over-stimulation. Over-exposure. If you find that you’re spending too much time watching the news or scrolling through social media, you might want to taper off a bit in order to come home to yourself. The Seven of Wands is a sign that you’re feeling depleted, yet also scattered and restless. Of course, it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, but it’s equally important to take care of your nervous system and be intentional with the information you consume. This month, keep tabs on how you spend your days and see if you can find areas where you can incorporate more screen-free quiet time into your day. How can you feel less anxious and more grounded?

Libra: Ace of Wands

You’re being asked to explore your creativity, what drives you, and how you can use this passion to cope with what’s going on in the world. Librans, this month, the Ace of Wands is encouraging you to get back to basics. What brought you joy as a kid? What things made you light up? Inspired to do something you haven’t done in years, just for the hell of it? The Aces are all about new beginnings, so if you’ve been thinking of starting something for a while – a new hobby, a new workshop or class, a new project, this could be a perfect time.

Scorpio: Judgment

Ooh, boy. This month might feel a bit uncomfortable, as you’ll be owning up to some not-so-savory things about yourself. You see, Judgment has a way of “calling us out,” so to speak, on our actions. Have there been instances recently where you left others hurt or confused? Judgment asks us to come to terms with our actions and learn from them. You might be learning certain aspects of yourself this month and it might get a little hairy, but keep in mind there’s power in discovering more about who you are – even if it’s difficult at times. That takes guts, and you’re strong enough to come out a champ (and a little wiser, too).


Sagittarius: King of Cups

This month, you’re being asked to provide support for the people in your life. Your time, your attention, your love. People will be looking to you for support, so embrace this role that you may play for them. They need it. And you need it: It feels good to give to those in need. Just be aware of how much you give to others. Be mindful of your own energy stores during this time. You’ll find that you’re more at peace this month with what’s going on in the world, and you’ll be imparting some of that emotional wisdom to those around you.


Capricorn: The Tower

This month might be a heavy one for you, Capricorns, but don’t panic. The Tower has abundant medicine and meaning. This month might feel like shit’s hitting the fan over and over again, but after the storm, the sky will clear yet again. It’s important not to withdraw or close off this Tower energy. Instead, use it. Move through each emotion that rises up – feel it, embrace it, then release it. These weighty feelings can be cathartic and are here to teach you something. Once you’re open to the Tower’s medicine, you’ll be so much stronger once the dawn breaks.


Aquarius: Page of Swords

Truth and honesty. This month, you’re being asked to speak up for what you need. And to be genuine and intentional in the ways you do that. Nurture your voice. Ask for what you need. Don’t be afraid or alarmed by your thoughts or words right now. If it feels like too much to say out loud, write it down. It’s time to get back in touch with the voice inside you. Use it wisely. As an Aquarius, you’re known to go against the grain, so use that vibration and ask yourself: What is my authentic voice saying?


Pisces: The World

You certainly know how to ride these choppy waves! During the next 30 days, you may experience a sense of unity that feels too good to be true. Indeed, despite all the craziness that’s swirling around you, you may come to a quiet understanding that we are all linked together through our humanity. Use this understanding to bring light into other people’s lives. This month, you’ll feel your best when you help out those in need – whether that’s donating to a relief fund that serves vulnerable populations or simply offering to buy groceries for a neighbor. Bottom line is, this faith in humanity will propel you forward. Keep riding those waves, baby.


Edited by Ely Bakouche

Illustrations by Ksenia Sapunkova |

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