July Tarotscopes: Light on Your Feet

We’re over halfway through the year if you can believe it! I can’t help but notice that a lot of folks are devoting time to “mid-year resets” and reflecting on the first half of 2021 thus far. While I’m all about healthy introspection and goal-setting, I’ve felt overwhelmed by it all. Can’t we just accept where we are and let go of the expectation to constantly achieve, achieve, achieve?

That’s why I chuckled when I pulled the card for the month of July: the Page of Swords. In the card, a young woman wields a sword. She is light on her feet, playful, and curious about life. She leads with her heart. This card is urging us to do the same—to lead with our inner truth. It’s so easy to lose sight of ourselves in the midst of a busy schedule, life’s pushes and pulls, but it is necessary in order to find joy.


“Keeping up with the Joneses” is taxing on the body, mind, and spirit. And if done for too long, we can get stuck. So, use the next few weeks to come back to yourself, your guiding light, your wants, needs, and who you are at your core. Resist the need to achieve, prove yourself, set new goals, or “do more.”

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we? 


Cancer: Five of Pentacles

Have you been taking care of everyone around you? You might be the sole caregiver or the “breadwinner” of the family; you might be a single parent or the glue holding your family together. It’s exhausting, right? The Five of Pentacles shows that you need a break. Take time to rest, take a pause, and be cared for.


Leo: Ten of Wands

You’ve experienced a burst of creative energy recently, and while it provided great motivation at the beginning, all these new ideas and goals are weighing you down. A tendency toward perfectionism could be holding you back from completing your task or project. Instead of focusing on “perfect,” consider “good enough.” Think of how fulfilling it will be to cross that finish line.



Virgo: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups provides a lesson in tenderness. Nourish yourself and those around you with love, kindness, and compassion. It may be worth seeking out places where you can volunteer your time—at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen. Your heart is wide open this month—share that love with those who are struggling.


Libra: The Hanged One

Flip your script. It’s time to see your life from a different perspective. If you’re feeling stuck or bored, it’s a sign to shake things up. When we see things from a new lens, we invite awareness into our bodies. And being aware is the first step toward meaningful change. 


Scorpio: Death

There is some aspect in your life that you are putting to rest. The Death card indicates a transition of sorts so that something new can grow in its place. It can be upsetting but also full of hope. Give yourself plenty of time and space this month to process this transformation. 



Sagittarius: The Emperor

There is confidence blooming within you—be careful not to resist it. Confidence is a sign of strength in your convictions. The Emperor sits on their throne, steady and sure. If you’ve been putting big decisions off, this month is an auspicious time to trust your gut and make up your mind. 


Capricorn: Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a sign that life is sweet. There is love and grace around you—it is a balm to the soul, my Capricorn friends. This month, you’ll feel comforted and safe. Embrace this warmth with open arms. Don’t let others bring you down or make you feel guilty for feeling so loved. You deserve this sweetness!


Aquarius: The Chariot & Two of Wands

You need to take the reins of your life and live by your own rules—no one else’s. You’re sick and tired of feeling constrained by other people’s opinions. It’s time to live your life, Aquarians. If that looks different from other people’s views, so be it. It might feel uncomfortable, yet it is necessary in order to grow. 


Pisces: Two of Swords

In the Two of Swords, a woman holds a sword in each hand. She is blindfolded and cannot see. The ocean behind her is choppy, and a full moon is overhead. You are at a crossroads, trying to make a decision. But you lack clarity in your life and don’t know what to do. Take a step back from the people or situations that are clouding your judgment. Listen to your intuition. What is it telling you?



Aries: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is all about security and embracing the comfort and safety that family provides. Contemplate what that looks like in your own life. How can you integrate more peace of mind into your day-to-day routine? If you don’t have that sense of security—either financially or emotionally—how can you plant the seeds today so that one day it will be there?


Taurus: The Sun

Ah, the warmth of the sun. Feels good, doesn’t it? What else in your life feels good? The Sun card reminds us to be grateful for the blessings in our lives. In fact, it’s a great time to start a daily gratitude practice if that feels right to you. Try listing what brings you joy and happiness every morning. Let that sunny disposition fuel you throughout your day. 

Gemini: The Fool

The Fool traverses down their own path without a care in the world. While it might seem counterintuitive, try breaking away from the rigidity that surrounds you. Throw the doldrums of a set routine out the window and feel that freeing energy that comes with the exciting unknown. 

What are tarotscopes?

“Tarotscopes” are a lot like horoscopes, except they blend tarot readings into the mix, offering a deeper layer of introspection and reflection. When I get ready to do a tarotscopes reading, I always start with a short meditation. I like to “drop in” and open myself up to the guidance and wisdom that the tarot cards have to offer. I then contemplate each individual sign, shuffling as I do, and ask what lessons or messages are emerging for that particular month. I draw a card for each sun sign, study the card’s imagery, and free-write my interpretation onto a blank page (letting my intuition guide me along the way). I repeat the process for all 12 signs, and there you have it!

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

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