January Tarotscopes: Make Magic

It’s officially the New Year—2021. 2020 is over. Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s common to commit to a resolution or set of new habits to start off a new year, but for many of us, we are still processing (and grieving) all that happened last year. And there was A LOT that happened. So, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I say we should let ourselves off the hook.

Let’s double down on compassion and self-care rather than a new diet or workout routine. How does that sound? Personally, it’s music to my ears. I plan on taking time in January to reflect and digest 2020—as best as I can—and worry less about resolutions. But hey, if you’d rather dive into the new year with a full set of new goals, by all means, go for it! You do you. Just go easy and try not to place too much pressure on yourself. Make sure that, whatever resolution you choose, it’s rooted in your own heart and fueled by the power of love.

The card for the month of January is The Magician. The Magician is an incredibly powerful card for building and creating. It teaches us to take stock of our life and make magic out of it. Think of The Magician as a kind of alchemist—an alchemist turns base metals into gold. Similarly, this card asks us to turn our life experiences into lessons learned and imaginative opportunities so that we can grow, expand, and transform. Look at your life: how can you transform your past into something beautiful?

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?


Capricorn: Seven of Wands, reversed

There’s some inner conflict that has yet to work itself out, dear Capricorns. Something isn’t sitting right with you. Come back to your core beliefs and ask yourself what truly matters to you. What is worth fighting for?


Aquarius: Four of Pentacles, reversed

Aquarians, you’ve got a lot of plates spinning right now. You may be worried that if you drop one, they’ll all come crashing down. So, try not to add anything else to your load. Say no to things you can’t feasibly get done. Ask for help from those around you and delegate tasks if you can. Prioritize your rest as much as possible—you’re going to need it.


Pisces: Three of Swords, reversed

Something that recently brought you a lot of grief and worry is finally a bit easier to swallow. You’re on the path to healing, but the work isn’t quite over yet. Continue to feel and let your emotions flow through you. Communicate all that is in your heart with loved ones who can be there to support you. Book a private reiki or therapy session. Journal your heart out. The main goal for you this month is to not let unfelt emotions stagnate inside you. Let them out, and you’ll get to the other side feeling much lighter and freer.


Aries: Page of Wands

Your instinct is to set some new goals for the new year, and why not? If it feels right, do it! But remember to have fun throughout the process. Don’t get hung up on all the details or wait until the timing is “just right.” There will never be a perfect time to do anything, so don’t wait. Go for it and learn along the way!


Taurus: Knight of Cups

Be sure you’re filling your cup with self-love and compassion. You can’t give love when your own well is drying up inside. Devote some time this month to doing things that bring you joy—it could mean spending mornings with a good book, eating delectable chocolates, or volunteering. Whatever nourishes your soul.


Gemini: Ten of Wands

For you, sweet Geminis, the holiday season has been more stressful than it has been restful. The Ten of Wands is a sign that you still have a few busier (perhaps somewhat stressful) weeks ahead. But, the silver lining is that rest is just around the corner! So, in the meantime, keep trucking along and remember to take care of yourself. You’ll soon be able to take a much-needed and well-earned break.

Cancer: Queen of Swords, reversed

Are you experiencing some doubt about a recent decision or where you’re headed? Have you taken on too much, and you fear that you can’t deliver? Experiencing imposter syndrome? Your doubt is here to teach you something. Listen to it. The Queen of Swords is a card that symbolizes assurance and confidence in decisions, so the fact that it’s in the reversed position means that something weighs heavy on your mind. Talk it out, meditate on it, or journal about it. See what comes up.


Leo: The Sun

January will be a breath of fresh air! The Sun invites you to relish this time of peace and lightness. You’re no longer weighed down by obligations, projects, or other people’s opinions. It’s a time to celebrate all that you accomplished last month (and last year) and let that warmth wash over you. Truly, a fresh new start to the year. Soak it in, Leos.


Virgo: The Chariot, reversed

You’re waiting for something to catch up to you before moving forward. Are you holding out for a career opportunity to arise before making a move? Or maybe you’re waiting for the perfect person to appear before opening your heart to someone… What are you waiting for? And what would happen if you let yourself move forward anyway?


Libra: King of Cups

The King of Cups symbolizes emotional stability within yourself as well as relationships with others. This card is a sign that you may feel extra content this month. Savor this feeling! Holding love for yourself is extremely powerful; it means that you have an ocean of love and compassion to give to others.


Scorpio: The Devil

The Devil card appears when there is something or someone that isn’t healthy for us, and they’re keeping us stuck. Is there a nasty habit it’s time to drop? Or a person you’d rather cut ties with? Consider how you’ll feel if you let go. Observe what comes up. Let that guide you in your decision.

Sagittarius: Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles asks: how could you lend a helping hand to those in need this month? People everywhere are hurting in one way or another—from the loss of jobs and homes to the loss of loved ones. What’s one way you could give back to those less fortunate? It could be as simple as donating to an organization you believe in, sharing a cause that’s close to your heart on social media, or volunteering your time.

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

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