May Tarotscopes: A Leap of Faith

We’re nearly halfway through 2021, can you believe it?! At this point in the year, we may realize that the goals we made in the New Year aren’t going as planned. Perhaps there have been bumps in the road or unexpected struggles to navigate. Such is life. Consider taking stock of the year thus far. Observe without judgment and keep an open mind. How would you like to move forward?

The cards for the month of May are The Fool and The Wheel. This combination reminds us to take a leap of faith, to have trust in the universe, and allow life to evolve naturally. Sometimes, the more we plan and try to control everything the more we feel constricted and stiff. Relax. Let things unfold in their own time and free yourself of expectations. 

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?


Taurus: Ace of Wands

You’re discovering something new about yourself this month. It will spark an inner drive that is invigorating and energizing. Aces are all about new beginnings. With this in mind, remain open to dreams and ideas—it could change your life. 


Gemini: Six of Wands

Celebrations and get-togethers will be the norm for May. You’ll lead the pack in organizing and shepherding these festivities, which may or may not be a role you’re comfortable with. Just remember to prioritize fun over perfection. The more organic these shared moments are, the more memorable they’ll be for everyone. 

Cancer: Ace of Swords

Speak up. The Ace of Swords is your chance to say what’s really on your mind. Resist the urge to censor or edit everything that you say or write. Honor your truth and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe is right. 


Leo: Seven of Swords, reversed

The Seven of Swords in the reversed position indicates that you’re feeling insecure and nervous lately. Do you feel as if you’re not cut out for something, and you’re fooling everyone around you? This imposter syndrome is normal and happens to everyone at some point. Don’t let it control you. Rather, learn from it—how can you move through it to the other side?


Virgo: The Emperor, reversed

The Emperor is a sign of stability and power. But in the reversed position, it can mean the opposite. You’re feeling anything but stable and powerful these days. So, how can you find your inner strength? It might mean speaking up for yourself in difficult circumstances or taking ownership of a decision that you’ve been avoiding. 


Libra: Nine of Pentacles

You’ve been putting in a lot of grit and hard work these past few months. You’ll be happy to know that your dedication is finally paying off. The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes comfort and ease. Celebrate your wins and reap the rewards of your commitment to your goals. You’ve earned it!


Scorpio: The Hanged One, reversed

Time to take a step back and let go of control. You can’t force everything to be as you want it to be – it’s taking a harsh toll on your mood, and it’s affecting those around you. This card, in combination with the month’s cards of The Fool and The Wheel, insists that you allow things to simply be as they are. Let life take its natural course. Uncomfortable, yes, but necessary at times.


Sagittarius: Two of Swords, reversed

A decision weighs heavily on your heart. You’ve been reflecting on this choice for some time now, but it hasn’t made it any easier. You may be taking an approach that’s too practical. What does your intuition say? What feels like the right choice at this point in time? When you listen to your heart, it could be an easier decision than you think. 


Capricorn: Eight of Wands

Life’s pace is quickening, and you will feel this intense energy this month! Things are coming to fruition, opportunities are knocking at your door, and your plate is full. Ride the momentum, Capricorns! When it rains, it pours, and this is a time when it’s pouring. Try not to get too overwhelmed or stressed—you’ve been waiting for these good things to happen. 


Aquarius: Knight of Pentacles, reversed

When it comes to life, the Knight of Pentacles takes a steady, practical approach with defined goals leading the way. However, in the reversed position, these goals aren’t as clear as they once were. In fact, they’ve become quite blurry. Take some time to reassess where you’re headed in order to get clarity again.


Pisces: Two of Wands

The Two of Wands is a beautiful card because it’s full of potential and promise. Where you are headed is completely up to you. You get to choose which path your life takes, and that’s thrilling! People will have their own opinions and will likely share their unsolicited advice with you. Listen to what they have to say, but above all, tune into your own inner guide as you forge ahead. 


Aries: The Star and The Ace of Cups, reversed

You’ve been dedicating a lot of your time and energy to those around you. However, it’s leaving you feeling depleted. The Ace of Cups in the reversed position is an indication that your emotional cup needs filling again. In the spirit of The Star, spend time alone, practice some self-care, and shower yourself with love and compassion. 

What are tarotscopes?

“Tarotscopes” are a lot like horoscopes, except they blend tarot readings into the mix, offering a deeper layer of introspection and reflection. When I get ready to do a tarotscopes reading, I always start with a short meditation. I like to “drop in” and open myself up to the guidance and wisdom that the tarot cards have to offer. I then contemplate each individual sign, shuffling as I do, and ask what lessons or messages are emerging for that particular month. I draw a card for each sun sign, study the card’s imagery, and free-write my interpretation onto a blank page (letting my intuition guide me along the way). I repeat the process for all 12 signs, and there you have it!

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

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