We were delighted to interview Sophie Jaffe, the woman behind Philosophie, the superfoods company. Sophie is authentic, honest, and raw, and shares with us how she thinks these important qualities can be true catalysts for growth. Read the interview to learn about how she sees life, love, compassion, and more.

What was your life goal when you were 10?

Honestly, I don’t remember having much of a life goal at that time in my life. My awareness of the outside world was pretty small, and I was very much in the moment. My goals were to have fun every day, play outside, play (and win) Super Mario Brothers and eat yummy snacks. Pretty simple living.

What are some of the choices you’ve made that made you who you are?

Overall, I choose LOVE instead of FEAR over and over and over again. I chose to love myself, my life, and the people in it. I chose loving thoughts instead of anxious ones, which inevitably lead to a life of love and gratitude. In each moment, I’ve had a choice to suffer or chose the perspective of growth through so much pain. Seeing life in this lens has helped shape me into the strong, confident, grounded woman I am today.

I choose LOVE instead of FEAR over and over and over again

What does success mean to you?

I don’t believe in one singular definition of success – success can be fluid and shift from season to project, depending on what takes priority in your life at a single moment. Success for me is being a mindful and loving mama to my three beautiful children. Success is running and owning my own superfood business. Success is being a loyal partner and devoted friend.

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

When I get an hour to myself WITHOUT CHILDREN or work, I usually get a massage or a facial. It’s so relaxing and a bit of self-care really goes a long way. I will also go to a yoga class, on a hike, or journal and meditate.

Where is your favorite place in the world and what makes it so special?

I have so many favorites! One of them is Thailand. I’m leading a family retreat there in May. It’s one of the most magical and spiritual countries I’ve ever been to!

In the moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you reconnect with your purpose?

I meditate and separate myself from the trigger that caused self-doubt. Most of the time, that means disconnecting from social media and being with my family and friends. My family is a constant source of inspiration and my strength.

Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

I pretty much make all my dreams happen the minute I want them – I’m not a patient person. You only live once, right? I’m definitely a “do-er”, I don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. I work hard to help them be birthed into fruition. I manifested a bigger paycheck, I manifested every account I collaborate with creatively, I manifested my assistant Taylor into reality, I even manifested having a baby girl as my 3rd child. I love the book the Four Agreements and have since I was 16 years old — I call it my bible.

Find books that inspire you, podcasts that remind you of your best self, and any other reminders that help you continue to dream your life into reality. The most important thing about manifestation is that you don’t just make a wish and stare at the stars and pray it comes through. You set an intention and then WORK to make it come through.

For example, with baby girl, I was told over and over that, spiritually, the “next in line” was a boy. Spiritual mediums told me this, psychics, clairvoyants. I was crystal clear that I wanted a baby girl in my life. That I was ready to embark on this next chapter in my life I visualized her in my world, in my day to day life, I felt her, I saw her. I held my hands on my womb when going to sleep and fell asleep connecting to her energy. I talked to my ancestors, I spoke with my best friend Heather who passed away 10 years ago and connected with her about helping me get my baby girl. I meditated, I cried for her, I danced with her. I talked about her ALL the time. People would ask “but what if it’s a boy?” and I would just say, it’s not – she’s here, she’s always been here.

The most important thing about manifestation is that you don’t just make a wish and stare at the stars and pray it comes through. You set an intention and then WORK to make it come through

This sort of intention and strong-willed mentality is what helped me create this dream life into reality. One thought at a time. One feeling at a time.

I manifested a bigger paycheck, I manifested every account I collaborate with creatively, I manifested my assistant Taylor into reality, I even manifested having a baby girl as my 3rd child

What’s your definition of mindfulness? What is the first step to becoming mindful in your day-to-day life?

I think the act of mindfulness can encapsulate so much in our day-to-day, but mostly it’s about staying present and following your intuition. It’s about showing up to whatever situation is presented to you while getting out of places of future-thinking and anxiety caused by past experiences.

What’s your advice to recent graduates trying to make it as instructors in a big city? Do you recall any misadventures when you were starting out?

First and foremost, remind yourself of your passion, something that fulfills you, something that challenges you, something that springs you out of bed and into the world. Second, fill your life with people who give you energy, who support you in your mission, and who will be there for you on darker days, as well as the brighter ones. Fear and challenge is a huge indicator you’re on the right path. Once we become too comfortable, we’re not testing and finding our true potential.

Fill your life with people who give you energy, who support you in your mission, and who will be there for you on darker days, as well as the brighter ones

Yoga first began for me when I was 18 years old and had just moved to L.A. I stumbled into a power yoga class at the Hollywood YMCA and fell in love. During that year, I tried all different kinds of yoga styles, from Kundalini to hatha to power to yin, and really loved the mind/body connection they created. Up until that point, I had only really moved my body for athletic purposes, so yoga really felt good for my skin and soul. I found a home within yoga and began to passionately study it, which lead to me becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance as an advanced teacher and getting certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. I teach at different studios here and there throughout L.A.

As a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, I have to constantly remind myself why I’m relevant and that I’m an amazing teacher just by being ME

I had many misadventures when first starting out. I think the illusion of competition is really what stops us from expressing ourselves. As a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, I have to constantly remind myself why I’m relevant and that I’m an amazing teacher just by being ME. I love to teach, I love to share my heart and vulnerability, and teaching is a way to express myself and share these aspects of who I am. We are all here to heal in different ways and be a light to our students and other teachers and also to constantly stay in the “student” mentality. My advice is to keep grounding down and reminding yourself WHY you are teaching and that you ARE special and relevant just by being you. I would also just say that competition is an illusion and other teachers are there to be your mirror and your inspiration, not to compete with. There’s room for ALL of us.

How much of yourself do your share with your IG followers? Are there any areas of your life that you consider private and “off limits”?

I share practically all of myself with my community. When I have something I want to say, share, post, then I will. I open up and speak out – even if it doesn’t follow the “rules” of the community. I believe in honesty. Truth means being authentic, not forgetting who I am. Yes, I’m a business owner, a chef, a yogi, and a fitness and wellness coach, but above these ventures and passions, I’m a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother. And to be the best version of myself that I can, I actively try to use love and compassion as my guiding light in everything I do. In fact, Rumi’s quote, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do,” is essentially my mantra for how I go about my life.  Everything I do is rooted in wanting to make the world a brighter, a healthier place for my kids, my husband, my family, my friends, and even people whose paths may never cross with my own. I want to put as much love as I can into the world, and for me, this means sharing nourishment and wellness.

Generating that love has to start with you. I fully believe in no other strong love than the love you have for yourself. From there, you can create powerful and magical relationships that can reach people in a special way. I also share this on Instagram.

How much do you care about showing your true self through social media? What is the recipe for a post that reflects that opinion?

Once we overcome the fear of being incredibly raw and vulnerable, we have the capacity to truly grow. Sharing my own intimate experiences has helped me heal and come to terms with some of the more difficult moments in my life by creating a space for others to discuss these sorts of issues, and just know that they’re not alone in dealing with them. It also helps us connect more deeply with one another. By stripping down to our truest selves, we allow others to see us for who we really are, and they, in turn, are so much more likely to share with us their true selves, ultimately allowing for greater trust and compassion.

How do you react to controversial or critical comments and messages?

We live in a society that’s overpowered by technology and yes, while I’m so glad social media was brought into my life to really bring Philosophie into the success it is today, there have definitely been drawbacks. Every day, we’re comparing ourselves to others and trying to prove to this space that we’re the best, living perfect lives and doing everything correctly. Humans are easily threatened and social media creates a platform for bullying without any consequences.

Over time and with the help of a lot of meditation and self-love rituals, I’ve learned to let negative comments wash over me. Even now, I look those comments right in the face and say THANK YOU. Thank you for showing me that I’m living fully for myself and showing up completely.

What kind of opportunities came to your life because of Instagram? (May include: friendships, partnerships, love, job opportunities, travel, etc.)

Social media has been INCREDIBLE for Philosophie. I can truly be myself there and share my perspectives, lessons, trials, and struggles with so many people. It’s helped to get the word out not just about who I am, but what Philosophie stands for and what makes it unique. Without social media, it would be predominantly word-of-mouth since we aren’t in thousands of stores and can’t afford traditional advertising.

What is your advice for people who aspire to build a successful business?

You absolutely must give yourself as much self-love as you need without a grain of guilt. Until you are filled UP, you can not give fully to your little loves, friends, husbands, and others in your life. Take long baths when the kids are asleep, drink that glass of wine, book that massage, go out with your best friend. This is okay AND necessary in order to truly be present in your life, and your business.

What lightens you up/excites you? (a project to work on, booking a plane ticket, meeting new people, etc.)

The moon and her cycles inspire me. My husband. My girlfriends, who are like sisters. My beautiful boys and newest little angel inspire and excite me daily with their innocence, purity, and deep, deep love.

I also receive inspiration from my environment, which is the people in my life and the moments and experiences I encounter, from the positive to the negative. The Berry Bliss blend, for example, was inspired by my trip to Thailand and falling in love with its exotic fruits, like mangosteen, whereas Cacao Magic was influenced by my mother’s battle with cancer.

Ancient vs. modern yoga: do you think it’s okay to invent new styles of yoga? Why or why not?

I think we are constantly allowed to reinvent the wheel. For us all to evolve, we must go with the times and not stay stagnant in one way of being or living. Yoga is no exception. There’s also so much wisdom in the simplicity of ancient yoga, so you can take parts that work for you as a yogi and improve upon it by tuning into your intuition.

What is there not enough of in yoga classes? Too much of?

There needs to be more yin, more quiet moments with self, more meditation and more hands-on touch/adjustments (done properly). There’s not enough touching in this society and I think it’s the most healing thing in the world. I ask at the beginning of every class while in child’s pose who would prefer not to be touched, as consent is the most important part of the teacher/student relationship.

Check out Sophie’s Instagram, Philosophie website, and IGNTD podcast.

Edited by Ely Bakouche

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