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December Tarotscopes: Shed and Let Go

Here we are, Shut Up & Yogis. We’ve made it. It’s the last month of a year that likely none of us will ever forget in our lifetimes. We’re at the crux of a massive turning point and a time many of us have been waiting for with bated breath.

The card for the month of December is The Moon. Very appropriate, since the month begins with not only a full moon but a lunar eclipse! Quite a potent time. In the tarot, The Moon nudges us to turn our attention to our shadow selves. It beckons us to get quiet, to rest, to drop into our wilder nature. Full Moons are a very auspicious time to shed and let go of what is no longer serving us. And what better time than at the end of a chaotic year?

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?


Sagittarius: Knight of Wands

Expect to hit your stride in your creativity. This month, you will likely see a dramatic shift in the purpose of your work. Things will start falling into place, making you quite productive in the weeks ahead. Use this fiery energy to tie up loose ends, solve problems, plan around obstacles. You’ll be burning the candle at both ends so remember to take a break and rest when you need it!


Capricorn: Page of Wands

You may experience a breath of fresh air in the near future. You’ll feel lighter, freer, and less bogged down by external worries and internal baggage. This is a great time to let go of something that no longer serves you and follow your curiosity. What intrigues you? Consider learning a new skill or trade. Take an online class. Expand your horizons—there’s so much out there to soak in and absorb.


Aquarius: The Emperor

You’ve been climbing a rather steep hill this year. Actually, it’s more of a mountain. Luckily, you’re finally reaching the top. You may feel calmer than you’ve felt in months, which might be a bit unnerving at first. Trust it; it’s there to teach you that everything you need is already within you. You are the Emperor of your life.


Pisces: Seven of Wands

This month will test your stamina and strength. You’ll need to prioritize what’s needed of you, so as not to panic about all that needs to get done. Work and life might seem chaotic right now, as if everyone and everything is working against you. You might be in fight or flight mode. Remember to breathe in moments of overwhelm. Find a moment each day when you can close your eyes and come back to center. Persevere and hang in there a little while longer.


Aries: The Star

The Star invites us to tap into our intuition and reflect on what our inner voice is saying. Use the next few weeks to reflect on this year: what have you learned, achieved, held close, and let go? Allow yourself to be honest with what this year has given you (and not given you!). With The Moon as the overarching card for December and The Star as your personal card, it’s a felicitous match.

Taurus: Judgment

This month, you may feel inclined to do a “year in review” and ask yourself whether you lived in alignment with your authentic nature and highest good. Did you know what was best for you but turned a blind eye anyway? Were you battling perfectionist tendencies and beating yourself up over not being “perfect”? Judgment asks us to shine a light on all our less-than-savory moments or actions. Rather than pass even more judgment, focus on becoming aware of these tendencies. What comes up as you embrace this awareness?


Gemini: Three of Cups, reversed

Gemini loves, it’s okay to put the work down and give yourself a break this month! Three of Cups is a card that exudes celebration and camaraderie, but in the reversed position, it’s indicating that you’re feeling like you either can’t or don’t deserve to rest and play. Life is meant to be lived. So, do what you have to do to take some time off, celebrate with loved ones, and invite joy into your heart.


Cancer: Four of Pentacles

What does your body need? As in, how can you physically feel more at ease, restored, and balanced? It might mean eating more nourishing meals, soaking in a bath before bed, or finding moments of quiet throughout your day. Pay attention to what your body is telling you it needs more of. It’s a comforting way to ground down after a crazy year and prepare for the new one ahead.


Leo: Ten of Wands

Bring it home, Leos. That’s the message the Ten of Wands provides you this month. You’ve still got some projects and goals to finish up by month’s end, but you’re on the home stretch. Keep going, just a little farther. You can then set down your work and take a much-deserved rest.


Virgo: King of Swords

You may have made a quite hefty decision recently, and the King of Swords is confirming that it’s in alignment with your life and where you’re headed. You may also find others coming to you for wisdom and guidance this month. Speak honestly and openly, and you’ll give them the same reassurance and inner peace that you’re feeling—a welcome gift!


Libra: Two of Swords, reversed

The Two of Swords presents itself when there is a decision to be made or two directions to choose from. Because the card is in the reversed position, you already know what decision needs to be made, yet something is blocking you from following through. What’s standing in your way? What’s causing your hesitancy? This month, it’s critical that you go within—embodying that true Moon energy—and uncover the reason for your uncertainty so that you can move forward.


Scorpio: Page of Cups

This month, make room for a new and emerging relationship. Or a relationship that’s evolving into new territory. The Page of Cups encourages us to open up space for new feelings to take shape. In doing so, you may find that you feel lighter and more at ease, like steam rising from a cup.

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

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