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June Tarotscopes: Begin Again with Compassion

It’s been a doozy of a few months—I think we can all relate. As much as we want to move on from this, this time isn’t something to just “move on” from. It is a whole new experience for humanity, for the world, and we need to process it in ways that will allow us to heal and grow.

The card for the month of June gets into that juicy energy with the Queen of Cups and Two of Wands. Folks, we’re heading into new, uncharted territory (hello, Two of Wands), and so we need to bring compassion and love along with us (hi there, Queen of Cups).

This world is chaotic—such is the prakriti, nature of life—but the Queen of Cups is here to remind us to choose love over fear. This month, we’ll be asked to act from a place of kindness, compassion, love, and heartfelt authenticity in order to make some necessary changes in the world. A crisis is often the catalyst for change, so how can we use this less-than-savory experience and learn from it? Move forward in new ways? How can we care for ourselves—truly and deeply, without sugar-coating and saying that “we’re fine”—and help others do the same?

The Queen of Cups embraces loving kindness and spreads that to all those around her. We must do the same. We must care for ourselves and for others. We must not let hatred or fear overtake us. We must let our vulnerability shine and welcome others into our hearts. With the Two of Wands, it’s a chance for us to begin anew. A fresh start, a new beginning. With this in mind, allow yourself to feel deeply this month, it will help you (and us all) prepare for what’s on the horizon.

With this in mind, let’s get down to your individual signs…

Gemini: Three of Cups

It’s your birthday month, Geminis, and this month is a chance to celebrate! The Three of Cups overflows with fun energy, and it’s nudging you to let loose. With the world being like it is, you may need to get a bit creative in how you do this, but don’t let quarantine and social distancing get in the way of your celebrations!

Cancer: Four of Wand

The theme for you this month is union. Uniting your mind with your body, and your thoughts with your actions. You’re seeing things more clearly and you have reason to: You’ve done some deep inner work these last few months and you’re acknowledging that work by practicing what you believe. This calls for a celebration all your own! By tapping into your inner knowing, you’ll feel more at ease with yourself and less nervous about where you’re going in life.

Leo: Nine of Pentacles

Have you been working hard lately? With the Nine of Pentacles, it shows. This month will allow you to rest a bit easier knowing you’ve been putting in a massive amount of energy into your career and work. June will be a month when you finally reap some of the benefits and rewards from all that hard work. People around you may notice you—let them! Don’t shy away from compliments and others lifting you up. You deserve it.


Virgo: the Lovers

June is the month to fall in love with yourself. Yes, you, my dear. In the mornings when you wake up, take a long look in the mirror and pay yourself three compliments (or more if you feel like it!). Anything that will get you jazzed up about yourself and appreciate your mind, body, and soul more. When you embrace love for yourself, you’re more inclined to embrace it with those around you. This is a chance to love your past, present, and future selves.

Libra: Eight of Wands

It might feel like this month is moving like the speed of light and, well, that’s because it kind of will be (metaphorically speaking of course). Just remember, you’ve got this. Yes, things are moving fast, but they’re moving in a positive direction. Your ideas are electric this month—you’re on fire! Try not to get too bogged down in the details; keep the big picture in mind and you’ll keep a level head on your shoulders. This month will be busy—with work, family, and projects—but relish the busy-ness. It’s progress, forward momentum. And it’s serving you well.

Scorpio: Ace of Swords

Time to speak up. What is it that you want and need during this time? What have you been afraid to bring up to those around you? How can you be more honest with yourself? Stop hiding behind day-to-day pleasantries and politeness—it’s time to stand up for yourself by speaking up for yourself. The Ace of Swords demands taking ownership of your voice, your truth. Denying these things or suppressing them won’t make them go away. Speak your truth in a compassionate, honest way and you’ll get unstuck.


Sagittarius: The Moon

Have you checked in on your shadow side lately, Sag dears? A transformation is in process within you, but the only way to let it evolve is to dive deeper into the side of you that you keep to yourself. This month is a good invitation to spend some quality time alone, if you can, by journaling more, meditating, and getting quiet so you can tap into your intuition and higher power. With the full moon on June 5 (for my peeps in the western timezones of the globe), allow yourself to take delicious care of yourself. Make a nourishing meal, light some candles, take a warm bath, and really soak up the full moon’s energy.


Capricorn: Four of Swords

The word that’s emerging from this card is trust. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that gut of yours. You know yourself better than anyone else. Things may feel extra hard this month, but trust your inner light and inner knowing. Let it guide you more than what other people may tell you. It could mean that you need to slow down this month, take things easier, rest more. That is totally okay. It doesn’t mean that you’re failing or not succeeding, you’re just listening to what your body and essence are telling you. Rest and recalibration is your mission this month.


Aquarius: The Star

Who are you? Not the person you project to society, but deep down, to your core? It’s time to get reacquainted with that human. Ask yourself: What do you need? Not what you think you need, but what do you need deep in your bones? Have you been putting too much time and energy into your productivity and not enough into your emotional and spiritual well-being? Spend more time in quiet contemplation this month, enjoy more time in nature, rely less on screens and your phone. Slow down and listen. Your inner spirit is asking for it.


Pisces: Three of Cups

Celebrate your wins this month—you’ve earned it! Get in touch with friends, socialize more (while doing so safely, of course). You’ll have revitalized energy this month, why not put that toward friendships and connections. This month will feel quite freeing and energizing. Soak it in, baby!

Aries: Two of Cups

Have you recently begun a partnership, made a new friend, or shared a mutual agreement with someone? It may be time to focus on that which you have committed to. If you ignore or resist focusing on this, it could have some negative consequences down the road. So, be cautious yet steadfast in your relationship. Again, lead with compassion and you will grow together.

Taurus: Two of Pentacles

Balance is your priority this month. Balance in life, in work, in relationships, in your mind and body. Strive for balance, not perfection. You could teeter into overwhelm quite easily if you aren’t careful. Be sure you’re taking care of yourself: eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep, so that you set yourself up for success this month. When you do that, you know no bounds!

Edited by Ely Bakouche

Featured illustration by Ksenia Sapunkova |

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