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May Tarotscopes: Time to Uplevel

In the span of a few months, our daily lives and the world have completely changed. We’ve had to shift the way we work, the way we connect, the way we parent, the way we heal, the way we nourish our bodies, minds, and souls. I don’t need to tell you that it’s been INTENSE.

There is no manual or handbook for times like these. Just know that, however you’re choosing to handle these crazy times is OK. All we can do is take one day at a time. It’s been one hell of a ride, and we’re not through yet.

It’s very fitting that the card for the month of May is Judgement. Judgement calls on us to make choices that are in our highest good—not just for ourselves but for those around us, for our collective humanity, and for the world. The Judgement card is a kind of ‘wake-up call.’ It reminds us that the future rests in our hands and that we must make conscious, intentional decisions that will impact our generation and generations to come.

This month, we’re being called to a higher state of consciousness, a higher state of being. Basically, folks, it’s time for us to uplevel. This pandemic has changed our world on a global scale. Now is the time to make decisions that will restore a sense of balance for the good of our humanity and for the planet.

Collectively, we have the opportunity to work together to create a better, more stable and safe world through our thoughts, words, actions, and intentions.

Now that we’ve covered the overarching theme of the month, let’s dive a bit deeper into your sun, moon, and rising signs, shall we?

Taurus: Five of Wands

This month, you’ll be asked to play well with others. One word: Teamwork. This could apply to your home or work life, but the bottom line is, if you don’t work as a team or unit, you risk hurt feelings, animosity, and distress. Play together, and you’ll grow together.

Gemini: Ten of Wands

You’ve been carrying a heavy load on your back for some time now. Isn’t it time to rest, my dear? You can’t do everything on your own, nor should you. This month, the Ten of Wands is asking you to release and let go of things that are no longer serving you. This can be past friendships that are more work than they’re worth, anxiety or worries that don’t allow you to grow and expand, and tasks that make you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel. Take a look at your life. What can you let go? Where can you ask for help? Once you do that, you’ll make room for more of the good stuff: harmony, appreciation, and peace.

Cancer: Ten of Cups

You’re seeing the bright side of things this month and you’re finding that by leaning on gratitude and appreciation, you actually have much to celebrate and be thankful for. You may experience more harmony in the coming weeks—with your family, your work, and your emotions—which may come as a surprise. Embrace it. Relish it. Quarantine life has offered you a fresh perspective on appreciation.

Leo: Two of Wands

You’re itching for an adventure, a change of pace, a new start to something. While it might be a while until you can book your next trip, let this month be a planning month for you. Give yourself permission to daydream to your heart’s content, and plan out all that you hope to experience in the coming months. The Two of Wands is your signal that a fresh start is ahead, so breathe into that energy and let it excite you!


Virgo:  Ten of Cups, reversed

Darling Virgos, it’s okay to celebrate the things in life that bring you joy. I know this world feels like it’s been turned upside down, and it kind of has, but don’t let that keep you from celebrating your wins in life. The Ten of Cups in the reversed position is showing that you’re apprehensive about feeling happy, amidst the pandemic crisis. That’s totally understandable. But don’t let guilt take over and lead you down the path of doom and gloom. Give yourself permission to smile, to laugh, and experience joy. Your joy is a gift.

Libra: Page of Wands

Time to tap into your creativity this month. If this sounds a bit like last month’s message, it’s because it is. The Page of Wands is a sign that you need nourishment. You’ve been busy putting other people’s needs ahead of your own, and I applaud you for that. But it may be time to get curious about what little things give you a creative spark. Start simply and slowly. This will help revitalize you after you’ve put so much energy into others these past few months. Don’t ignore the calling to integrate your interests and passions into your life!

Scorpio: the Chariot

You’re moving forward with plans—literally and figuratively. It’s as if you’re waiting at a stoplight, just waiting for it to turn green so you can step on the gas… except… it’s not turning green. You’ll need to practice a bit more patience this month, especially as the world grapples with how to reopen during a pandemic. This Chariot you’re on will move you closer to home, to where you feel you belong, which is why it feels so important. Don’t give up hope! It’s only a matter of time before that light turns green and you can get moving again.


Sagittarius: Ten of Swords, reversed

Does it feel like you just got trampled by a herd of bulls? Your usual optimistic nature has taken a heavy hit lately, and it’s no wonder with everything going on. But, the good news is that the card is reversed, meaning that this dark period will soon lift. New beginnings are on the horizon, and with that, a new awakening.


Capricorn: Six of Swords

While these past few months have felt rocky and unstable, you’ll find comfort in knowing that this month, the waters will calm down a bit. You’ll feel more secure and safe. And the best part is, you’re the one who made this happen! You listened to what you needed and cared for your deep, innermost needs. Give yourself a nice pat on the back.


Aquarius: Ace of Wands

A new month brings new beginnings. This month, you’ll foster creative and spiritual growth by tapping into your inner voice for guidance. You’ll make great strides in coming back home to yourself. For so long you’ve stifled who you truly are and who you yearn to be by following social norms and what others think you “should” do. Now more than ever—in a time of considerable unknowns—it’s time to break down those “should” barriers and create your own path. In doing so, you’ll light your own way.


Pisces: King of Pentacles

This month, you’ll be happy to know that your hard work has paid off. Maybe literally. There could be a new job or career opportunity to consider, or a side gig you started months ago is just now starting to pay off. Or, if you’re a parent, you’re rocking it at homeschooling. Whatever it is, you’ll begin to feel more confident, stable, and secure in your abilities.

Aries: Justice, reversed

You may be feeling a bit out of alignment this month. Have you done things or said things recently that felt unlike you? Have you been dishonest with others or yourself? Let this month be a lesson in speaking in true alignment with your soul being. Think before you speak. Tap into what your heart and gut are telling you. Speak honestly and with compassion for those around you, as well as yourself.

Edited by Ely Bakouche

Illustrations by Ksenia Sapunkova |

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