August Tarotscopes: Live with Discernment

For many of us, it’s peak summer or peak winter. But c’mon, let’s be real, we’re all just trying to get through one day at a time, much less a whole season! The world is going through massive shifts lately, and right now, we’re being called to evaluate our actions and decisions with discernment.

The card for the month of August is Judgment. If you recall, May was also a Judgment month. Since we’re still swirling with some of the same energies as a few months ago, it makes sense that this card has popped its head up once again, reminding us to live with perception.

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?



Leo: Nine of Cups, reversed

Your mission this month? Feel the love WITHIN. It’s easy to look externally for the things that will make us feel good and satisfied in the short-term, but don’t let those temptations fool you. Reach inside for the divine love that’s already within you. It may take time to find it, so be conscious of who you surround yourself with this month, practice gratitude, and rather than seeking short-term pleasures, look for what’s going to fill your cups—all nine of them—with long-term peace.


Virgo: The Hierophant

Embrace a student’s mindset this month. One way or another, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of knowledge, the one learning the lesson. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Now is a good time to let go of the ego and allow yourself to be the pupil.

Libra: The Hanged Man, reversed

It’s time to buckle down and make some decisions, or at least start moving in the direction of where you want to be headed. You may feel like you hit the pause button for a while and have been absorbing and contemplating something challenging in your life, but now is the time to act. You’ve done enough contemplation; it’s time to trust your instincts and do what you know is best for you. Allow yourself to get “unhung” and get to work!

Scorpio: Nine of Wands, reversed

Wand energy in the tarot indicates creativity and that inner spark. You’ve been working extra hard on a creation of yours that’s close to your heart, and it’s paying off! That said, the reversal of this card is indicating that it might be a good idea to pause for a moment—not to stop the momentum you’ve got going—just to make sure you’re still on the right path. Recalibrate, so to speak, so you can continue making progress.


Sagittarius: Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is a card that is so much about giving to others who are less fortunate and need support. Contemplate what that means for you this month. How can you give to others who might need help, assistance, or aid? What can you offer to others that comes from your heart?


Capricorn: Two of Swords

In August, you may find yourself at a crossroads. Two choices or directions tug at your attention, and you may find yourself asking which one to focus on. This is very much in line with Judgment’s guidance this month. Don’t let other peoples’ views or opinions muddy the waters of your inner pool of wisdom. Let your intuition lead you; let your own truth do the talking.


Aquarius: Three of Swords

This month may be a bitter pill for you to swallow. It may be rocky. It may get emotional. But fear not, Aquarians. You’ll get through it. The Three of Swords reminds us to feel our feelings rather than coop them up inside, where they’ll only fester and make us feel worse. So, this is your permission to cry your dear heart out, vent, get angry, be frustrated. FEEL this month. It is your medicine.


Pisces: Knight of Swords

This month will feel fast and full of high energy. You’re making moves, being heard, tackling goals. Just be sure to give yourself a break once in a while. Remember, you can’t always be “go go go,” or you risk burning out.

Aries: Knight of Pentacles

You may find that you’re helping others during a turbulent time in their lives. You’re the “steady” one, and they’re the ones going through some shit. Remain steady. Help balance them. This will serve you and them, and may even evolve into a lesson that you need in your own life. Learn more about yourself—and your life’s work—by living each day true to your heart. You might feel the urge to pick up speed but hang tight. Your speed is just what you and others need right now.

Taurus: Five of Wands

The Five of Wands expresses a lot of unspoken collaboration. It may look messy from the outside, but inside it’s a well-balanced team that knows how to work together. Think about how this team approach plays out in your life right now. Is it playing out at work? At home? With a group of friends? Just remember that right now, you’re more effective together than apart. Take a moment to appreciate this.

Gemini: Two of Wands, reversed

It looks like you’ve got a decision laying ahead, which means you’ve got some inner assessing to do, Geminis. But don’t take it too literally—it’s more of an internal decision but a decision nevertheless. Take some time this month to get quiet and ask yourself some tough questions. Try envisioning what your life might look like if you go down the first path, then the second. What emotions or physical reactions come up for you? Listen to them.


Cancer: Knight of Wands, reversed

It’s okay to change directions when you realize the direction you’re headed no longer resonates or brings you joy. It’s okay to steer a different way, especially if your creativity and inner drive are at stake. Is there a certain aspect of your life that isn’t sitting so well? What can you do to modify or change the outcome? Or, is it worth just sitting with it and letting clarity sink in? It might be worth pausing to reflect this month. Slow down a bit, and take stock of where you’re going. Is it where you want to be?

Edited by Ely Bakouche

Featured illustration by Ksenia Sapunkova |

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