March Tarotscopes: An Ever-Evolving Life

I think of the month of March as an in-between state of change. Where I live in the Appalachian mountains of the southeast U.S., we’re on the cusp of Spring—it’s not quite warm yet, but there’s something in the air that hints at transformation. The buds on the trees are beginning to form, and flowers are starting to sprout from the ground. The days are a bit longer, and there’s more energy all around. What is nature doing in your neck of the woods?

The card for the month of March is The World. This card is the ultimate invitation to live your life as an ever-evolving entity. It symbolizes completion yet shepherds us into a new state of being. It invites us to live in full alignment, with a genuine fascination and appreciation for being alive in each moment. The World asks us: How can we give and receive ourselves in equal parts? How can we be reborn each day with a renewed sense of unity and love while allowing the world to shape and transform us along the way? A lovely thing to ponder, no?

Now that we have this month’s overarching theme out of the way, let’s get down to your individual signs, shall we?


Pisces: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles teaches us to learn from others and collaborate. We are all so unique and have so much to learn from each other. Go forward with this mindset: we are better off (and we’ll lead a more enriched life) if we open ourselves up to new and diverse experiences rather than staying close-minded and resistant to growth.


Aries: The Hanged One

There are some things you just can’t control. That includes other people. You might be frustrated over an incident or somebody’s actions, and that’s okay. This card is a reminder that sometimes things are better off left alone. Rather than get involved, perhaps it’s time to let go and allow things to just be as they are.

Taurus: Temperance

It’s time to strike a balance. If you’ve been feeling off-kilter and topsy-turvy lately, this is your sign to regain some equilibrium. When we’re all over the place, it can be hard to know what our bodies and minds need in order to be happy and healthy. It might be worth inviting some grounding and centering practices into your daily routine in order to get back to a steady state.


Gemini: Four of Wands

The word that is coming up for the Four of Wands is commitment. It’s time to stop dilly-dallying and start doing the work. Don’t let procrastination rule your daily life; don’t wait for things to be “perfect.” They never will be. The Four of Wands symbolizes deep trust and devotion—a sign that if you’re ever going to take a leap of faith, the time is now.

Cancer: Knight of Pentacles

You’re on the right path; it’s just taking a bit longer than you may have expected. Don’t let this discourage you. You’re taking your time, which is exactly what you need right now. Sometimes slow and steady is better than full speed ahead. Be patient with yourself and stay the course. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”


Leo: Five of Pentacles

Ah, Leos. You’re weary this month. The Five of Pentacles depicts two individuals left outside in the cold, stranded and hungry. However, there is a light inside a nearby building—a sign that there is help nearby. Be mindful not to isolate yourself and instead ask for help if you need it. You don’t have to be alone while you struggle.


Virgo: Queen of Cups & Queen of Wands

Two queen cards in one month! A powerful omen. The Queen of Cups symbolizes emotional fortitude and strength while also being a comfort to others in need. The Queen of Wands signifies confidence in your creative ability. Together, you can expect to feel emotionally and creatively fulfilled this month, and it’s all coming from within you.


Libra: Four of Cups

In the Four of Cups card, an individual looks tearfully at three overturned cups. Yet, an upright cup floats in the air behind him—if only he could see it. You may encounter some disappointment and losses on the road ahead. Take time to grieve but remember that there is hope on the horizon.


Scorpio: The Tower

There are times when, no matter what you do, things fall apart. It’s an inevitability that we must all come to terms with at one point or another. The Tower is a powerful card because it signifies both an ending of something and a beginning. So, Scorpios, if you feel like this month has turned its back on you, just remember, there is something being born anew out of the chaos.

Sagittarius: Ten of Cups

Isolation has proven to be detrimental to our mental health. The Ten of Cups celebrates the opposite of that: it honors family and friends as life’s most valuable gifts. The people in your life will be more important than ever right now. Connect with others often; surround yourself with loved ones so that you can celebrate all that they bring you.


Capricorn: Page of Wands

Possibilities are endless. You’ll have a better attitude this month when it comes to your own potential. You’re ready to apply yourself to something great. Expect to feel more energized and ready to take on new creative projects. You’ll care less about the end result and be more focused on enjoying the process. A great time to start something new!


Aquarius: Six of Wands

March will be a time when you can reap the rewards of your hard work and celebrate a little in the process. Take a break and pat yourself on the back—you’ve earned it. It’s important to celebrate the small wins every now and then so you don’t burn yourself out. Relish this little hiatus, so that you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next big task!

What are tarotscopes?

“Tarotscopes” are a lot like horoscopes, except they blend tarot readings into the mix, offering a deeper layer of introspection and reflection. When I get ready to do a tarotscopes reading, I always start with a short meditation. I like to “drop in” and open myself up to the guidance and wisdom that the tarot cards have to offer. I then contemplate each individual sign, shuffling as I do, and ask what lessons or messages are emerging for that particular month. I draw a card for each sun sign, study the card’s imagery, and free-write my interpretation onto a blank page (letting my intuition guide me along the way). I repeat the process for all 12 signs, and there you have it!

Edited by Anastasia Buterina

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